Cruise to Stay™
in the Bahamas

Cruise to Stay™ in one of our favorite hotels or resorts. Grand Lycayan, Taino Oceanfron resort, Flamingo Bay Hotel and a few more.

Cruise to Stay™ on Grand Bahama Island

cruise to staySo your week has been a busy and hectic one. You need a break from it all, but you don’t have much time. We have the perfect solution. Try a quick 1 night getaway, Cruise to Stay in Grand Bahama Island for only one night. At these prices it is affordable and you won't even miss a day of work. Stay at Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina for $170 - per person - double occupancy and that includes the cruise and the hotel stay. Other, editor favorite, Grand Bahama Island hotels include, Grand Lucayan Resort, Pelican Bay Hotel, Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach also at affordable rates. Remember, you can stay longer if you would like, stay as long as you want, you’ll love the tropical island and all the things to do and see. So, if you're planning a long vacation, a normal vacation, a mini-vacation, we have the spot for you.

  • The cruise is about $130, and can change any time, always call for the current price.
  • The Hotel and Resort prices change with high season and low and high season rates
  • Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina - from $69 to $87
  • Grand Lucayan Resort - from $120 to $210
  • Pelican Bay Hotel - from $132 to $161
  • Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach - from $168 to $220

Cruise to Stay™ at Grand Lucayan

The ship leaves at 5:00pm (boards from 12:00 - 4:00) spend your evening on board MV Regal and arrive the next day in the Bahamas before returning back to Florida by 10:00am on the 3rd day. The cruise package pricing includes your stateroom, all meals, entertainment, transportation to the Bahamas & return, port charges and taxes. The MV Regal is a 600 foot Deluxe Ocean Liner with over 380 spacious staterooms. Other amenities include Live Entertainment, Fine Dining, Multilevel Casino, Lounges, Card Room, Full Service Spa, Pool and Children's Programs.

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